How slow is this Onix thing?

Was idly looking through old copies of the Bookseller and came across an article about when we were first launching the Anko Title Manager for (at that time) smaller presses – Originally started building Onix compliant title management databases back in 2001 after reading some article about I think it was Barnes & Noble were going to start to charging publishers who couldn’t supply Onix within 6 months. I also remember that the BIC group in the UK were going to offer an Onix tool called ‘Simone’ but it was abandoned because the name was to ridiculous (just kidding – but seriously what did happen to that?).

Anyway, it is now January 2006 and it is only really in last year that the smaller publishers seem to have even heard of Onix.

So, it has to be asked is the publishig industry as a whole (and not just the UK – as suggested in an earlier post) serious about the Onix standard?

Bookseller Article


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