Will mention free wi-fi

DBA, Wireless

Don’t know why it bothers me but I can’t just bring myself to pay for wi-fi and free broadband is not as common as you’d think (well not as common as I would like it to be anyway). I am really not a mean person. For example, have no problem with paying whatever is required to get me perfect lobster/whatever but just can’t bring myself to pay more than 11p for tin of plum tomatoes because I know that Sainsbury’s charge about that for perfect good plum tomatoes. I simply won’t pay 37p on pain of just about anything. Dry cleaning is another bill I realy begrudge – eight quid for someone to give me own clothes back (of the type I didn’t want to wear in the first place) in a plastic bag with .10p wire hanger – I don’t think so. So, I guess the thread is I just resent paying for things I can’t see; am not interested in; or can get for free.

So, anyway if in New York recommend d.b.a on First Avenue (http://www.drinkgoodstuff.com/ny/default.asp). Is almost always empty in the middle of day. Has a seemingly reliable connection. Lots of proper beer on draught and great range of whiskies so you can really get in trouble. I use it as my ‘NY’ office when between meetings. But beware they have a web cam so you could get caught out by those who may not have complete faith in you and are quite frankly a little sneaky. Oh, and if you are meeting friends later it has ‘post work’ happy hour. And if some of those friends smoke it is just a short stagger from the sublime Karma (yes, you can smoke in NY). See Karma inside image below although you will never quite see it like that as it always 2am in there whatever time it is elsewhere in the world.

Karma, East Village, New York


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