The year in Onix

Below is the missive sent out to the Onix group at the turn of the year from the Onix committee:

‘The purpose of this email is to outline some development plans for ONIX in 2006, which were agreed by the ONIX Books International Steering Committee at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October.

As you know, Issue 5 of the ONIX Books Code Lists was published at the end of November. We expect that Issue 6 will follow in about six months time.

We are currently working on a very limited Revision 03 to ONIX Release 2.1, which should be published around the end of this month. It will add a few new capabilities to Groups PR.24 and PR.26 that have been requested to meet needs that are specific to the Australian and Spanish ONIX implementations. We expect that users elsewhere will ignore this revision, whose sole purpose is to allow these implementations to proceed without having to wait for a new release.

Work is also starting on Release 3.0, which will be a major release. It is tentatively scheduled for publication in September 2006, but this timetable may well be extended. The two aims in Release 3.0 are (a) to eliminate “deprecated” data elements, so that eventually the receivers of ONIX feeds will no longer need to support multiple options, and (b) to improve ONIX functionality in a number of specific areas that have been identified as less than satisfactory in the light of user experience.

Those of you who participate in the ONIX groups that now exist in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, the UK and the US will already be aware of these plans. If you are in one of those countries, but are not in touch with the relevant national group, we encourage you to establish contact. Every
stage of the work on Release 3.0 will be based on detailed consultation with national groups, under the policy direction of the International Steering Committee.

While the national groups must be the channel through which requirements for Release 3.0 are defined and a consensus is built, we will try from time to time to report progress to the listserv at large.

So, in summary, ONIX Release 2.1 will remain unchanged for most users through 2006, with the exception of code list updates; but towards the end of the year, we plan to publish Release 3.0, and we expect that national groups will encourage users to implement the new release in


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