Onix issues so far

Travelled umpteen thousand miles in last few weeks in the name of Onix and the following are the repeated issues mentioned to me from the publishers I meet with on my travels (I stress that these aren’t the views necessarily of myself of my company). The other thing I would say is that I this consensus should have some validity as quite frankly we probably have more contact with more publishers (large and small) from just about any sector of the marker than all our competitors put together. In fact, I am often told by our clients that our competitors rarely return their phone calls let alone actually assist in anyway. Anyway, that list:

1) Incomplete, out of date and just plain unhelpful advice from the principal Onix recipients.
2) Lack of communication about exactly why the publisher should bother, i.e what really are the tangible benefits.
3) And if you do decide to comply with the standard often the responses you receive to your data are confusing and often a lot of the information that it would be helpful to supply the trading partners can’t actually deal with anyway.

So for many it seems an easier and potentially less expensive (see image below) to just not bother.


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