More free wifi

As mentioned previously this is a real bug bear of mine and I promised to mention places where it is free and open.

Hoxton Bar & Grill in Hoxton Square in East London is very much the equivalent of d.b.a in New York (i.e kind of local office when between meeting (see the previous post)). I like it for all kinds of reasons but mostly because when you are in London for any period of days you notice and acknowledge the same people who are obviously doing much the same thing. You take it in turns to plug in to the power and watch each others machine while you go to the bar/bathroom/make a call etc. Generally quiet in the day and bar menu really not that great but all the same I like it in a ‘Hoxton’ kind of way.

In Kent, Ohio my local office tends to be Rays Place which has good free wifi – Good food, good beer, good staff and quiet enough at the times of the days when I need an office. Rest of the time I understand it is a heaving college bar with I suspect all that entails.

Used to be better is as much as I can say. Well to be more accurate you could get free wifi at Cork. But now this seems to be locked down to some provider (maybe to help pay for the new terminal?). You can still get free wifi at Shannon airport however. For how much longer who knows.

However, if you find yourself in Akron, Ohio you may rest easy the whole terminal is free wifi and seems to work just fine.


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