Anko Publishing Manager 2006 now available

After lots of hard work and many late nights and weekend trying to cram in as much new functionality as possible and of course ensuring the world’s most complete Onix database (and by some margin it’s most affordable) is now out in the world.

If you want to check out the best book publishing management software that any money can buy then you may download a free demo from the website at http://anko.ie.

Really pleased that we have such a good cross section of the publishing world – large and small and from just about every market sector as this little snapshot shows.

Users of Anko Software include: Turnaround Distribution (London, UK); STL Distribution (Georgia, USA); Blauburg Verlag (Frieburg, Germany); Salina Bookshelf (Flagstaff, USA); Ulster Historical Society (Ulster, UK); Bible Reading Fellowship (Oxford, UK), Chelsea Green (Vermont, USA), Crabtree Publishing (Toronto, Canada); Creative Publishing International (Chanhassen, USA); Crowood Press (Ramsbury, UK); Edward Elgar (Cheltenham, UK); Focus Publishing (Newburyport, USA); GMB Publishing (London, UK); I.B Tauris (London, UK); Industrial Press (New York, USA); International Monetary Fund Publishing (Washington DC, USA); Biblio Bazaar (South Carolina, USA); Minerva Group (Miami, USA); Kent State University Press (Kent, USA); Luath Press (Edinburgh, UK); Lutterworth Press (Cambridge, UK); McGill Queen’s Universoty Press (Montreal, Canada); Morgan Claypool (Colorado, USA); MQ Publications (London, UK and New York, USA); Pindar Press (Cambridge, UK); Purdue University Press (West Lafayette, USA); Royal Society of Chemistry (Cambridge, UK); Scripture Union (Milton Keynes, UK); Searchpress (Tunbridge Wells, UK); SIS Com (Milan, Italy); Snow Books (London, UK); Stanford University Press (Stanford, USA); Workman Publishing (New York, USA).


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