Onix 2.1 revision 03

The Onix standard was slightly revised today (don’t worry the Anko Publishing Manager has it covered!): The text of the announcement is as follows:

‘ONIX for Books Release 2.1 revision 03

This is to announce that Release 2.1 revision 03 of ONIX for Books is now available for downloading from the EDItEUR website. Revision 03 adds a very small number of new elements in Groups PR.24 and PR.26 that have been requested to support specific requirements of the
Australian and Spanish ONIX implementations, so that they can proceed without waiting for a Release 3.0.

The opportunity has also been taken to make some small corrections and improvements to the documentation. There is one correction to the DTD: a minor unintended restriction in Group PR.18 has been removed. If you do not use Group PR.18, or you haven’t noticed the restriction in the existing DTD, it is safe to assume that your implementation will not be affected.

Note also that the documentation package for Revision 03 no longer includes the separate record types for Main Series and Subseries. These were originally added to support a specific application in Germany, and we believe they have not been adopted elsewhere. The German ONIX group has advised us that they are not now required. In the interests of backwards compatibility, they remain available in the current DTDs and Schema, but we expect that they will be removed from Release 3.0. If you know of any current application that is using either or both of them, please let us know as soon as possible.

Revision 03 maintains full backwards compatibility with previous releases. Most ONIX national groups have indicated that they will not use the added elements, but will await the next full ONIX Release. You may wish to download the documentation in order to ensure that you are using the most up-to-date version for reference, but you should not need to take any other action. You do NOT need to change the release number in the message header.

The full Product Record Specification and DTD list the changes in Revision 03. The Code Lists remain those of Issue 5. No firm date has been set for Issue 6, but in the normal course of events we would expect it to be around June 2006, depending on the level and urgency of demand for new code values.’


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