Subscribing to Anko podcasts

For the avoidance of doubt – please watch this little Quicktime movie which shows you exactly how to find, subscribe to and play Anko Podcasts using Apple’s iTunes software.

If you have any queries at all please email me. In the meantime, simply click on the entry of this blog and watch the movie.


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Floors are the same anywhere

American Floors
This book has completely capitivated me. The idea that we all breathe the same air; look up at the same sun and wander beneath the same moon has always fascinated me for reasons I really don’t have the articulacy to describe. I guess, I somehow found it hard to believe that with all these core elements being common to all why don’t we understand the differences in the world a little better. I remember looking at grains of sand on Spanish beaches and wondering how they could be just the same as the sand I looked at in Devon. I mean how could they? I still do it occasionally.

I am currently putting a collection of photographs together taken in airports around the world. It’s the incidental stuff I find just enthralling. The vacum cleaner in the corner by the gate in Houston waiting for the plane to Miami. What do I (or anyone else for that matter) learn from this? I’m not sure – Maybe something about what we all have in common or maybe simply that airports all buy their furniture from the same store …

Oh, and an incidental note I am told that Fredrik’s father is called Thore Wretman and is apparently a famous Swedish chef whose waffle recipe is one that works for me.

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Your daily Nielsen and APM assistance

Each day we will be making a available a short podcast dealing with a particular aspect of the Onix standard in respect of the requirements of Nielsen Bookdata in the UK. You may subscribe either via the ‘Anko Podcasts’ link on the right or via the iTunes Music Store.

Yesterday we looked at the descriptive text requirements of Nielsen and today we looked at the categorisation information they like to see.

We will also be looking at the particular requirements of all the principal trading partners – If you have a particular area you would like to see covered please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Anko Support now available through the iTunes Music Store

You may now subscribe to the Anko support podcast directly through the iTunes music store. Click on the title of this blog entry to go directly to the subscription page within iTunes.

We will be including podcast covering all the key areas of the Anko Publishing Manager and more specifically how you may step up to the Onix plate meeting the requirements of all your trading partners as affordably as possible.

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Anko tips now available as video podcasts

In response to a number of requests we are makng available (yes, for free) a number of short Quicktime movies illustrating features and functionality of the Anko Publishing Manager. We hope in particular to do as much as we can to help those publishers struggling with the requirements of the Onix standard.

To subscribe to the Anko podcasts click on the title of this blog entry – this will take you to the Anko podcast site and then simply click on the subscribe button and your Anko podcast should start downloading directly into your iTunes as soon as they come available.

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Angelholm, Sweden

Firstly, an apology that you can get no sense of just how fantastic a photograph this is by viewing on the web – But trust me it has all those elements that you need to get a feel for a place and quite frankly something even beyond that.

It was taken by Anita Elegerot in Angelholm in Southern Sweden in July 2002. Anita as well as being a photgrapher who has a gift for capturing the essence of special places is an unbelievably gifted artist and is exhibiting in Stockholm in August (this has now happened and you can view images from the opening here on Anita’s blog). In addition, her art will shortly have its own home on the web in the next few weeks (again this has now happened and you can view her art and learn more here).

In the meantime, enjoy this image:

Angelholm, Sweden

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Swedish Onix

A group of 10 people consisting of persons from the large Bibliographic Data Providers, distributors, publishers and book chains have been formed to adapt the Onix standard to Swedish requirements and do a Swedish translation of the standards.

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Same title and isbn but different coloured covers

Had couple of queries on how to deal with the situation in the Anko Publishing Manager and indeed how the Onix standard deals with one title (and indeed one ISBN) being available with different coloured covers.

This is dealt with via the ‘Product Form Details’ screen this is accessed by clicking on the ‘Edit Product Form Details’ button located on the ‘Title Detail’ screen.

You may then click on the ‘Add Feature’ button and select ‘Colour of cover’ option.

You may also click here to watch a Quicktime movie of this functionality which you may find helpful simply by clicking on the title of this blog entry.

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Edition Number

Just a quick one – looked at data from a number of publishers in last few days.

For your Onix you don’t need to send the Edition Number if it is still the first edition.

This is the case for most Onix recipients and certainly Nielsen Bookdata – But if any doubts please check with your trading partners.

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New APM for Mac OSX

The free 30 day trial of the Anko Publishing Manager 2006 is now available for download for Mac OSX. Simply click the link above and navigate to the download page and start the process of getting all your publishing information in one place without having to sell your soul/kids/whatever.

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