Free wifi in UK hotels

A subject that sends me over the edge and one I repeatedly return to on this blog is the matter of free wi-fi. I am now going to ask a question to which I know the answer (see last sentence). Why can I stay for $34.95 in the dodgiest motel/hotel just about anywhere in the middle of nowhere in America (ok maybe not quite the middle of nowhere – but you get the idea) and get free wi-fi in my room?

Whereas, I often stay in hotels in the centre of London for many times that cost which very often have no internet access at all. Let alone in my room. Oh, and they may have it in the lobby/lounge etc. but apparently the $350 I have to pay for my basic room doesn’t allow me to pick up my email. I then have to give yet more money to xyz provider.

A classic example of this being the Hilton at Docklands a prime location for those attending London Book Fair and all intending to do business. Oh, and don’t eat there (it really is overpriced reheated rubbish) turn right out of the gate and go to the pub on hundred yards down which serves very passable Thai food.

Oh, and the answer to my question is of course as we know – is ‘just because they can’.


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