People say the nicest things

But all joking aside it is extremely refreshing to see a publisher really pick up the idea that their title information is just so important. Put quite simply if you supply complete and informative bibliographic information into the supply chain in a timely and efficient manner then you will sell more books. In 2006 that means conforming to Onix standard.

And once you have gone to trouble of getting your title information together and generating your Onix it may be used for all kinds of things as illustrated in the linked blog entry. Generate webpages or AIs or just about anything else that is based on templates.

The Anko Title Manager is available for the price of half decent lunch in New York city and can be purchased with a support option that for the cost of half a day of our competitors time (excluding their expenses of course!) gives you all the advice and assistance you need to get you submitting your information to all your trading partners.

So if you aren’t doing it already then: ‘Why don’t you want to sell more books?’

Oh, and no need to take our word for it simply download either of our Onix compliant title databases from http://anko.ie and see just how simple it is.



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