Vista small publisher solutions

Of course, I periodically check the websites of our competitors and have ironically always found this page linked to from Vista’s front page as empty. ‘Picture worth a thousand words’ ???

Perhaps why the Anko Title Manager (complete bibliographic information management and Onix message generation) was so popular at LBF this year. And a good number of publishers expressed their disbelief that Vista could try and charge them £4,000 for their PIM Express to get their Onix issues sorted (and these were existing Vista customers!).

The Anko Title Manager is of course available for the price of lunch in …….. (insert major city nearest to you) and is freely downloadable from http://anko.ie. You may then compare with the PIM Express option and test our claims.

Oh, damn forgot you can’t demo PIM Express (why is that?).

Anyway, check it out and let us know where the other approx £3,900 is going.


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