Floors are the same anywhere

American Floors
This book has completely capitivated me. The idea that we all breathe the same air; look up at the same sun and wander beneath the same moon has always fascinated me for reasons I really don’t have the articulacy to describe. I guess, I somehow found it hard to believe that with all these core elements being common to all why don’t we understand the differences in the world a little better. I remember looking at grains of sand on Spanish beaches and wondering how they could be just the same as the sand I looked at in Devon. I mean how could they? I still do it occasionally.

I am currently putting a collection of photographs together taken in airports around the world. It’s the incidental stuff I find just enthralling. The vacum cleaner in the corner by the gate in Houston waiting for the plane to Miami. What do I (or anyone else for that matter) learn from this? I’m not sure – Maybe something about what we all have in common or maybe simply that airports all buy their furniture from the same store …

Oh, and an incidental note I am told that Fredrik’s father is called Thore Wretman and is apparently a famous Swedish chef whose waffle recipe is one that works for me.


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