Doesn’t sell it to me

Just preparing to go back on the road in North America for the months of May and June and looking at flights. SAS now have broadband on their planes and this is supposed to be a feature for business travellers! Those few hours you get crossing the Atlantic are sacred! You can quite legitimately say you didn’t get your mail; ignore IM messages and your Skype doesn’t ring. Scandinavian Airlines are going to take all that away! And they sell it as a benefit!

I am sure that those people that like to go through the motions of dicking about with a spreadsheet or tweaking some tacky presentation while everyone around them looks at them thinking ‘tosser’ will applaud it but I suspect they mostly get their weekends off! I don’t! I am sure that those sat around me observing me watch the latest season of the Sopranos on my Powerbook don’t think that I’m a tosser at all.

And, another thing – just read yet another article about how the ipod is going to be threatened by the new generation of phones/mp3 players/whatever other job they can half do. For me and I suspect a lot of people like me that simply is not going to happen. Why? Because you can’t switch your phone on on a plane. Unless they have a phone that just fires up in a ‘Play Music’ mode (i.e without broadcasting any cell phone signal). But even then as so tied (for better or worse) to my iTunes library would be hard to consider other options. And the Motorola phones (iTunes compatible) but with a 100 song limit what bloody use is that?

Anyway, purpose of trip is to carry training for the fantastic Dundurn Group in Toronto and the equally open, innovative and creative Inner Traditions in Rochester, Vermont.

So, if you are a publisher in Toronto or in the Boston area (I will be flying via Boston) and would like learn more about how affordable a complete title management solution can be then go to http://anko.ie download a free copy and then drop me an line and I wll do by utmost to organise for you.


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