Yet another complete aside

I try to keep this blog as much as possible about publishing and in particular Onix issues but I also use it a little to remind myself of stuff and to share images etc. with my friends and family who I am, as you are probably aware, often hundreds if not not thousands of miles away from. I suppose I should (and could) have another blog for this stuff but I just know I wouldn’t be arsed to maintain more than one of these things.

The above notwithstanding this is yet another complete aside from the world of publishing and Onix – but after a week not drinking coffee (got banging headaches at one point on Tuesday and I never get headaches – I mean really never) – Had first cup this morning from those fantastic cups bought by wife for 10 Krons (about 80p) – No saucers though but think we can find something suitable as they just have something. This is a Gustavsberg cup so will do a little more digging to see if can find some more and of course, some saucers.

Speaking, of Gustavsberg – wouldn’t say no to these for my morning coffee either.


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