More thanks this week from 2002

Sorry about all this but actually purely for personal amusement and sharing with couple of other people involved at the time – so you may skip and go straight to the publishing stuff. I like this one for the very ‘trapped in time’ reference to Gerard Houllier.

Thanks this week go to …
This weekly column isn’t (as no doubt you may have spotted) a round up of whatever is perceived to be hip or just released that week. It is exactly what it says on the tin, a collection of the stuff that made the preceding week just that little bit easier to get through and very occasionally what may have really lifted us and made us believe in god, great sex and the kindness of strangers again.

Which, on the whole, is a fine concept for a column. The only downside of this approach is that being mere mortals we have favourite hobby horses which we may return to again and again and what if we have a week where we don’t go out or if we don’t end up anywhere interesting and/or new?

This, of course, is just a preamble to explain away our:

– Again returning to the Barenaked Ladies – If you have a spare tenner this week buy yourself a copy of ‘Maroon’

– And only having one restaurant recommendation

So what did we do? Well, lots of reading. Invariably, we come to important stuff a little late but if you haven’t already read Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera then you must do so as soon as possible. This is essential if you are interested in the concept of love and just what that might actually mean. Beautiful.

And again a re-reading of P J O’Rourke’s A Parliament of Whores brightened the week no end. O’Rourke brilliantly drags out and holds up to the light the nonsense that is government. The book is based on the US system but the absurdity is universal.

“The whole idea of our government is this: If enough people get together and act in concert, they can take something and not pay for it.” — P.J. O’Rourke – A Parliament of Whores.

Hot on this un-hip theme, we would also like to take our hat off to Alan Sugar and his column in the Evening Standard. We always liked Sugar as Spurs Chairman for saying what needed to be said regarding the quite ludicrous nature of the financing of football and he continues on similar themes in his column.

The new Morcheeba album, Charango, doesn’t really cover that much new ground, and – indeed – goes back over some favoured old haunts, but they do create smooth melodies and have an unchallenged grip on thirtysomething pop. Gorgeous vocals as well.

I am reluctant to give too much coverage to Little Georgia restaurant on Hackney’s Broadway Market, because as soon as it gets too busy it may lose all its easy charm. However, this converted pub has got Time Out’s restaurant guide, among others, eating out of its hand, so I guess the word is out. Colourful, spicy and well-presented Georgian cuisine and excellent East European beers and wines at decent prices. Oh, just go there.

24. Nearing the climax now, but has there ever been a more tensely directed series on television. Ever? Six Feet Under has trumped it for Emmy nominations, but the pressure just seems to get more and more unbearable and Kiefer Sutherland really does need to reach “closure”, just to enable him to get some much-needed sleep. Although a few of the set pieces went a little left field and threatened to derail the whole project, the central threads, excellent direction, taught script and (mostly) fine performances held the whole thing together.

Gerard Houllier. Gallic-Scouse god whose aggressive, but considered, summer spending spree seems certain to (finally) bring the championship title back to Anfield. We salute you Monsieur.


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