Back to 2002 but not for ‘thanks’

Back in 2002 on callthecops we had a number of contributors including my mate Mario of the Woodman public house in Battersea. Mario (as indeed we all did) took the 2002 World Cup very seriously indeed – Seems funny to read now as we move into the hype season for World Cup 2006.

Another summer ruined?
So it is a few days after the night before. Just after spring had been sprung and when you realise that 2002 will not be the year Spurs win the premiership – we could turn to the breast of the World Cup to feed us the milk that is Football but oh no. It’s been ruined, it’s been taken away, it has been destroyed.
Another summer has been ruined by an Argentinean.

It was 1986 when they cheated us out of a semi final place – even if John Barnes had played the full ninety minutes we still would have lost. It was 1998 when we met them again and by fate’s fickle finger we were again a nation distraught.

So it was this week. Even before the tournament had begun an Argentinean took it upon himself to increase their chances by putting in the “reducer” on England’s hero. I personally believe that Beckham will be at the World Cup finals as Captain of the England team, his injury record is spotless due to his high levels of fitness. His rate of recovery is not in the Jan Molby league and after watching him when he single handily beat the Greeks (well drew with them but you know what I mean) I think he’ll be there for us.

I know I may sound like David Icke, or maybe even Yuri Geller, but these things do help, or so I hope. Failing that we could let the Argentinean population know how we feel via the Argentinean president’s web site. It has a phone number feel free to ring it:


They have persistently annoyed us now it’s our turn. (Actually, maybe best not. They have their own problems at the moment – you know, financial meltdown and all that.)


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