Onix in Germany and Switzerland

The Anko Title Manager is supplying Onix to Libri, KNV and VLB. It seems in the last year the situation has cleared up a great deal and are keen for more publishers to supply them data in the Onix format. They all prefer to receive their Onix files via ftp.

VLB and KNV are also starting to make use of Main Descriptions, Short Descriptions or Long Descriptions (01, 02 and 03 – or-related) in the Other Text composite and URL-related Medialinks. They were not able to make use of these fields a year ago, as they were not able to deal with them. Now it prettty looks like they are in a betatest-phase. Libri still can’t make use of this Other Text fields and doesn’t currently have date when they will be able to use them.


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