The life of an Onix evangelist …

Had to travel to Edinburgh to run a two day Onix workshop for the Scottish Publishers Association and try and instill into UK publishers just what having good quality bibliographic information can do for them (more on this later). This is a brief photo diary of my journey here.

Starting in Nalsta in Stockholm I had to get a bus to the tube station in Vallingby:
Bus stop in Nalsta

Vallingby tube station
And then had to the tube to the flight bus which leaves from Central Station in Stockholm:

Central Station, Stockholm
Oh and then had to take on power at Skavsta:

Skavsta Airport
And then again at Glasgow Prestwick (all that Corrie was very draining!):

Glasgow Prestwick
Caught the train to Glasgow Station from the airport stop:

Glasgow Prestwick Rail Station
Arriving at Glasgow Central to catch train to Edinburgh:

Glasgow Central
Arriving at Edinburgh Station to get a cab to the SPA:

Edinburgh Station
Cab to Dundee Street the home of the SPA:

Taxi to SPA
At the SPA to start the Onix Workshop:



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