No smoking sign - Scotland

Personally smoking doesn’t bother me all that much but I kind of understand the smoking ban thing in logic. Passive smoking is pretty much conclusively proved as causing harm to those around you (so far as I understand it) so I suppose it makes sense. But what bothers me is that we increasingly are told what we can and can’t do from people who tell us they know what is best for us. Can’t articulate how much this pisses me off.

I don’t smoke but find it very irritating when you have are out for a drink/having lunch etc. with someone who is and they have to keep disappearing every few minutes to stand outside in the rain. Also, I wonder particulary when looking down a typical Irish high street on a Saturday lunchtime just how good it is for families with young children to have to pass through clouds of smoke outside bars on their way to Quinnsworth.

Saw this sign on a train in Scotland the other day. Apparently, if I saw someone else smoking and didn’t stop them then I too would be committing an offense. Love to see them enforce that one.


Filed under: Absurdity

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