Rabbit jumping in Sweden

Never heard of such a thing in all my born days but Sara’s sister Anna is one of Sweden’s leading exponents of what I think must be just a Swedish thing. They have this is sport where they have rabbits and they lead them through a course (like a minature horse jumping course) and they jump and race against other rabbits. And here is the evidence a short youtube video of Anna a couple of weekends ago with Bumblebee:


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  1. […] I like to think that I’m not the most naive of people. Travelled a bit; had a few relationships; been in business for a lot of years; had my share of silly drug-fuelled madness; lived in various countries etc. But nothing prepared me for the Swedish sport of rabbit jumping of which Sara’s sister Anna is one of the leading exponents. I included a video of this before simply as somehow sharing it might make my disbelief dissipate. Bit like the drunk who asks the person standing next to them what they can see to ensure they are not hallucinating etc. […]

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