Not a recipe at all just a little thing for Sara’s grandmother who apparently liked roasted peppers I sent on to her.

Simply get some peppers and cut them in half, deseed and take that slightly bitter white stuff out and place cut side up in a suitably sized roasting dish.


Next you can take tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms or anything else for that matter or of course any combination thereof and mix with some garlic (roughly half a clove finely chopped per pepper seems about right), a good slug of olive oil, mountains of cracked black pepper and salt and whatever herbs you have lying around (with the exception of basil which I always think is such a waste to cook!) – if you only have dried herbs then I would stick to thyme or oregano as they seem to work best (but that is just me). And sometimes I put a drop of vinegar (red wine, balsamic or whatever is to hand) or alternatively a slug of wine and even sometimes whole grain mustard (with mushrooms seems to work best for some reason) or even sundried tomatoe paste – only a little (say half a tablespoon for half a dozen peppers). Anyway, you get the idea – i.e whatever works for you.

Mix together in suitable bowl:


And place in oven on medium to low heat for 40 minutes or so or until the peppers are nice and collapsing and lots of nice juice. Serve with good bread.


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