AOL and search results

Just been reading this article in the Guardian about the recent AOL publishing of search results. And yes I used the word ‘publish’ it was not as I understand it ‘inadvertent’. They had supplied the result for research purposes and had simply replaced the AOL account name with a number (yes they are really that stupid it seems).

And being quite frankly brainless dickheads had overlooked/not realised/didn’t give a shit that of course most people from time to time ‘google’ their own name. So, it was apparently in reality relatively easy to see whose results were being published.

Some of the comments at the foot of this article are also from the beggars belief category – ‘If you got nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about, right?’ – In a perfect world this guy may have a point but unfortunately we don’t live in that world we live in this one – and in this world government and business can spin/use information out of context and in conjunction with other spurious thoughts and prejudice and make people appear to be anything they want. In addition, if you wonder why the amount of crap you get flowing into your inbox and through your letterbox sudenly expands then look no further. Oh, and the very paedophiles, stalkers et al that the commentor feels for some strange reason this would protect us from find this kind of information manna from heaven in targetting and exploiting their victims.


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