Not sure about all this change

For someone who ironically is on the move all the time really don’t like too much change. In Stockholm always get breakfast from same place if have to do work and get some coffee always go to one of two places (String being one, of course and Helgulundens Korta Varor being the other – both in ‘sofo’). In London always hang out (again because I can work) at Hoxton Bar & Grill, Smiths for breakfast and the Eagle for Sunday Lunch. And in Los Angeles always stay at same place in Long Beach and drink at Clancy’s and have breakfast at Americana. Anyway, you get the idea.

In New York, I have in recent years worked at Workman Publishing who have (had, sorry!) a huge rabbit warren of an office at 708 Broadway. And we always used to go to lunch at the Bowery Bar just down the street on East 4th Street. I know this is one of those places that gets castigated for being too trendy (or at least ten years ago I think) etc etc. Although, I do remember a year or two back (in popbitch) that apparently Bob Dylan was seen hanging around after hours as he was seeing one of the waitresses. And a friend of mine just IM’d me and said he was there last week and Ed Harris was sat next to him drinking Guinness so I guess there may be something to all that it just isn’t too evident on a Tuesday lunchtime. But, anyway we mostly just went for lunch and beer after work and I always liked it. Good drinks, impossibly tall waitresses with cowboy hats, great service and good food. It also has great outside bit so you can circumnavigate the New York smoking laws for part of the year anyway. It is also right on the edge of the East Village so is an excellent staging post for a night of nonsense.
Anyway, Workman have now moved almost cross town to Varick Street – so will have to find another lunch time hang out and just try and cope with all the change.

Bowery BarBowery Bar GardenBowery Bar EntranceBowery Bar Restaurant


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