Wales – a great place to be a publisher

Spent all last week after the very excellent London Artists Bookfair (will write a little about shortly) visiting publishers in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Aberystwyth. This unfortunately meant spending the bulk of the week at the mercy of the public transport system. Being trapped inside the bus system of rural West Wales is really not a place you want to find yourself on a wet Wednesday evening in November.

But, was more than worth it as ended up at the very excellent Welsh Books Council. Was incredibly impressed with the the level of support they give to publishers in Wales. To the point where I don’t know all publishers don’t just up sticks and move to Wales.

Welsh publishers seem to eligible for all kinds of grants and assistance to ensure that they are able to publish some fantastic books. But, as well as some undoubtedly very helpful financial assistance there is a great fund of knowledge and experience certainly in the two people I met (Helgard and Kirsti) to assist with every aspect of making sure these books find the audience they deserve and of course get sold.

In addition, assistance with every aspect of the publishing process is available (editing etc available at cost price) as well as a great website to sell through. And even distribution.

Really, if you are a publisher in Wales – do you realise how lucky you are?


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