The remarkable Gil Scott-Heron in 1976

Just a remarkable musician and unfortunately a troubled man – but fuck did he make some of the most remarkable music there has ever been – irresistable tunes, great thoughts, conscious raising, funny (occasionally) and this is a man who truly knew the meaning of absurdity and did a fantastic job of dragging it out of its seedy, discriminatory, corrupt and just plain unfair corner and holding it up to the light so we could all see it for the nonsense it was.

This concert (sorry was up for a few days so you must have missed it) is from 1976 and the Village Gate in New York as far as I am aware is not commercially available. It captures everything that was great about the man and his cohort Brian Jackson at the time. I guarantee that if you’ve not come accross too much of his stuff before then you’ll be straight on to Amazon/wherever to rectify that hole in your life. I will leave just for a couple of days so if you want to grab and then go buy (Pieces of a Man – not bad place to start giving back).


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  1. […] Week or so ago posted a concert from the amazing and inspiring Gil Scott-Heron. Anyway, this is another one but as far as I know is a much rarer than the much passed around Village Gate tape. It come from Berkeley, CA in 1978 and I defy you to not be transported, inspired, amused and of course entertained. Will leave up for a day or so. As always encourage you to use this as springboard to go and discover for yourself. […]

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