Studio 60 and a partial apology to Channel 4

Just been listening to the Media Guardian podcast and it seems I was a bit harsh on Channel 4.

Heard interview with their Cheif exec Andy Duncan who genuinely seemed to get it. He talked about trying all kinds of combinations of downloading from ‘rental’ for 99p to buying programmes for £1.99 to a possible subscription model. Which for those of us who live outside the UK may have some merit (always assuming that it is available to us of course and not some ridiculously outmoded idea about territorial rights doesn’t get in the way). Read a little about it here.

But the point is that he seemed to understand that people can now get the content (one way or another) and watch it how they want and when they want. And if the TV companies don’t get with the program they will simply be cut out of the process.

There is an arguement that this is possibly too late for many of in the Channel 4 target audience (18 to 34) (I am great deal older than their target audience by the way) who have already cut them out of the process getting the prime US content from a mixture of bit torrent sites and iTunes (US). On iTunes incidentally these shows are $1.99, i.e approaching half the cost Channel 4 is contemplating. As always many of these companies who spend a lot of time talking about a ‘global market’ have little idea what that actually means.

And, interestingly we find Andy Duncan now talking about how he wishes they’d get more rights. No shit Sherlock! Well, of course he does! You can’t sell what you don’t own.

This is also interesting because it raises a lot of the same issues relating to the business model of publisher. What exactly is their role going forward? As the logical extension is that people just get their favorite shows directly from those who make them – Isn’t it? With the TV companies becoming (as Rob Jones over at Snowbooks suggests) the ‘backers and risk takers’ for getting programmes made?

Anyway, in the spirit of getting what you want when you want I had a couple of emails from friends asking about what is this Studio 60 thing of which you speak. So, anyway here is episode one which I’ll leave up for a couple days (sorry couple of days has no passed so link taken off).


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