And sometimes Onix doesn’t take me great places

It seems that time of year where people start looking back so was reviewing some of the grimmer moments from my Onix evangelism this year. My mission does take me some amazing places but for every Dingle there is arriving at a minor airport in the middle of the night with no hotel or missing the last train. So, in no particular order the moments from the Onix missions that stick in the memory from the last 12 months. The moments that made me think – why on earth do I do this?

1) Could have picked any number of scrapes with US Homeland Security in last few months but perhaps worst was being held for 6 hours at Newark Airport in Jersey after long flight from Amsterdam. This is the view after eventually got released from SkyTrain on way to airport train station and civilisation (well Manhattan at least). Was only in New York for 3 days I think. However, as US Immigation had held the bag with all my cables in Amsterdam had to go to the Apple Store on 5th Avenue at 5am and spend three hundred bucks to replace them as had to start running an Onix training session from 8am. America has lost the right to talk to anyone about rights, democracy or quite frankly much else:

New skytrain
2) Delayed flight back from America with early morning start at Oxford (UK) publisher (Bible Reading Fellowship I think). Got Oxford coach from Heathrow fell asleep and overshot my stop and had to trudge across Oxford in the rain at 3am. This is the High Street – again way too old:

Oxford High Street

3) I get on a plane I would guess at least once/twice a week on average and have done for best part of a decade. Considering, that I don’t really have too many airport/plane horror stories (maybe because I try and avoid BA in recent summers?) but what I do have are lots of little ones. This image is from one of them. Sat on the floor at the gate at Toronto airport for 6 hours while waiting for a thunderstorm to pass before could board flight to Frankfurt. Was exhausted. But as knackered/pissed off as those of us waiting to board the flight it was as nothing to those who were stuck on the in bound flight on the runway and couldn’t disembark:

Toronto airport

4) There is just something disturbing about fast food German style and I’m reminded each year in Frankfurt:

German food

5) As grim as eating at Frankfurt Bookfair can be at least you can eat (sort of). One of the worst experiences of the year on this Onix mission must have been London Bookfair. Shambles!!! Couldn’t eat/find anything/get a drink/get a tube/might as well have been on the moon. I wrote a little about it here. This image captures trying to get a drink at the end of the day (good luck with that):


6) Had to go up to a place called Rochester. This is deep in the hills of Vermont. This is January (so lots of snow); there is no train/bus up there; I don’t have a car; I woke up in Midtown Manhattan and the bus that was going to get at least part way there was in Boston. You can kind of imagine how it went but did eventually make it and talked about title management and of course Onix as this image bears witness (alright it’s just a shot of a small town in the snow but you’ll have to take my word for it – that is Rochester, Vermont, USA):

Rochester, Vermont

7) Just one of those weekends where you really wonder what it is you’re doing and why. A weekend sat in a motel on the outskirts of Kent, Ohio, USA looking through 20 years of title information from Kent State University Press and trying to steer it down the Onix compliant boulevard. It was Superbowl weekend. The motel was stuck on its own couple of miles out of town with just a garage and Mexican restaurant for company. So, in between times spent my time wandering back and forth to the garage to buy 6 packs of beer to stick in my sink full of ice. This is the view from door looking out at the dormant swimming pool:

Kent motel

8) And finally, Luton Bus Station at around 4am after again delayed flight (this time from Stockholm) on way to London for breakfast meeting. Truly grim and suspect even people born and raised in that town would say that:



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