Heavy rotation w/e 14/01/07

Had to swap laptops in last week so don’t have anything but a small portion of music but according to the play count these were the songs that were in heavy rotation this week.

1) Love Me or Hate Me – Lady Sovereign – Just been addicted to her new record on Def Jam. Can only guess what Jay-Z made of her but thank god he got it. As this post on Rare Autumn says ‘the girl make me smile’.

2) For What It’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield – Possibly my favourite Buffalo Springfield song. Makes me think of my old friend Dwyer Scullion who used to play this with his band (whose name escapes me) in a pub in Witney (near Oxford in the UK). A phenomenal guitar player.

3) No Key No Plan – Okkervil River – play it loud and I defy you not to be swept along by it.

4) Get It Right Next Time – Gerry Rafferty – I have a real soft spot for Gerry Rafferty. My Stepmother used to play whatever the album Baker Street comes from quite a bit and I really grew to like him. These days tends to be filed in the dark recesess of my music library along with my Neil Diamond and Billy Joel records which makes me a bit of dick I guess.

5) Black Republican – Nas & Jay-Z – Not yet convinced by the new Nas record but Nas & Jay-Z proves a fairly addictive combination.

Anyway, you can download here for next couple of days or so.

Heavy Rotation 14/01/07


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