Handling images and other files

This in response to a couple of queries – The Onix Product Store enables you to hold up to a dozen images for each title and the same for each contributor. So, you should have plenty of space to store and find your cover images, author photos etc exactly where they belong so hopefully no more rooting round on the server (or a colleagues desktop!) for any image related to a title or an author.

In addition, of course every piece of information required for the Onix standard is stored right along with the image. But as you can see below the Onix Product Store also contains a ‘Quick View’ for all the files in the system. You may also export (in its native file format or email the image directly from the Onix Product Store).

OPS Images

In addition to all the images you need the Onix Product Store will also store any files you wish to relate to a title or a contributor (up to fifteen for each) again with all the Onix detail that you may need (i.e absolutely everything mandatory and optional defined by that standard).

For files the Onix Product Store may hold any file format your system may cope with (eg,PDFs; MP3s, Photopshop, Office etc etc.). So you may store for example samples of an illustrators work in Photoshop/Illustrator as well as audio book clips in MP3.

OPS and Files


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