Just two things miss about the UK

Haven’t lived in UK for a few years now and nothing I really miss about it and quite frankly an awful lot happy to leave behind. Except two things:

1) I think English supermarkets are the best by some margin in the world. So, if I could just get Waitrose to deliver to central Stockholm that would be very excellent. Choice; quality; the balance of their wine lists; Waitrose Horseradish well anyway you get the idea. Swedish supermarkets (the big ones) are ok but not really in the same league; America just terrible; Ireland has pretensions but ultimately is faking it and it shows and comes at a horrendous cost (although this is getting better thanks actually to Tesco).

Jericho, Oxford

2) I do miss being able to hang out in the Eagle or Smiths or even the Jericho Cafe in Oxford starting with coffee and drifting into wine whilst reading the newspapers. Not the crappy international editions with half the stuff missing (the bits you actually want). But this has now been rectified as my amazing wife has with what sounds like a nightmare of phone calls and a damaged credit card (no doubt!) (surely it should be easier?) has managed to get us at least the Guardian and Independent in their full weekend glory delivered to us in central Stockholm.

Guardian Front

Guardian Guide


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