Lily bloody Allen and iTunes

Just one of those people who for some reason pisses me off. Made an average record and dresses like a couple of hundred of thousand other women wandering the streets of London – ‘style icon’ my arse.

Anyway, read this article in the Wall Street Journal about how she feels bullied by Apple into providing exclusive content in order to get on the front page of the iTunes store. As far as I understand it in traditional music retailing access to the best points in store are available (as indeed in bookstores) in return for straight cash.

The iTunes store is (again as far as I understand it) based on editorial judgement (and at least in the Swedish store this seems relatively sound) in respect of what’s interesting/new etc. coupled with additional exclusive content provided by the artist. Surely, a better approach for the consumer?


Filed under: Absurdity, Apple, Music

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