Mobile roaming charges – such a big deal?

Was reading this article where they are talking about charges being capped when you take your mobile out of whatever country it naturally inhabits. I remember that for me the charges were often incredible running into hundreds a month.

But these days is it such a big deal? With wifi in airports/hotels etc/hell even in the street I just use a lot of Skype which now even sends (not receives) SMS coupled with a local SIM for wherever I am and just plug in ‘my home SIM’ once a day or whatever to check messages etc.

I probably wouldn’t have worked so hard at the alternatives if the mobile operators hadn’t taken the piss quite so much. So, with the advent of new phones with wifi and voip clients is it not going to just make a lot of this stuff consigned to the ‘horse stable door bolted’ make a sentence pile?


Filed under: Absurdity, Daily Life, Free wifi, Technology

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