Snowbooks – it’s no accident

I am extremely aware that in this blog I come across as a rather sycophantic Snowbooks groupie (just search ‘Snowbooks’ in the box to the right!) but really their success is real affirmation of faith that publishers can look towards the horizon and up to the blue sky etc etc.  I spend a large part of my time with publishers (large and small) who not only don’t get that the world of changing but more than that consciously/willfully  (and occasionally violently!) bury their heads as deeply in the sand as possible.

And this is a great example. Having been present at a few publishers when they do their submissions for these sorts of things usually a photocopied/scribbled form faxed late with a bound proof to follow. It is no mystery to understand how Snowbooks are a cut above. Anyway, read this post detailing their submission for the Small Publisher of the Year 2007 award (they are the current holders of said award) and repeat after me: ‘we’re not worthy’.


Oh and they have very excellent taste in title management software using our software to manage their title information and to become one of smaller publishers to become fully Onix compliant in the UK.


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