First free wifi in a while

Just don’t come across so much free wifi in my travels these days which I guess is understandable now that people wandering around with wireless laptops is much more common etc and there is a buck to be made. Although, from speaking to a few cafe/bar owners along the way it does seem to be as much about people just taking the piss and sitting all day not even buying a cup of coffee. I hasten to add that I always contribute at least the cost of a couple of bottles of house red and invariably drinks/lunch for whoever happens by. And there is always the little shit in the corner hammering all the bandwith their bit torrent running at full pelt.

But anyway, pleased to add a couple of new ones. Firstly, one of my favourite places to just hang out in the middle of the day in the UK. The Watershed in Bristol is a combined art/cinema/cafe place and for many years (I’ve been going for at least 12 or 13 years) has provided good affordable food and a short balanced and again affordable wine list. And is just a great place to hang out. So, I took the opportunity when had to go to Bristol recently to see the University Press and to pick up some stuff to go grab a late lunch and some much needed plonk (required after day at mercy of UK train service) and was happy to find free wifi.


Watershed free wifi

And secondly, the Oxford Tube coach service running every ten minutes between London and Oxford. This is and has been for many years a great service (runs 24 hours and is affordable etc etc). But as many people use it to commute and there are now competing services I guess they see this as a competitive advantage and so it is! And they have powerpoints for your laptops!

Oxford Tube wifi


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