ebooks = ‘future of reading’

In common with Sara the guest blogger over at the always interesting Charkin blog I read the Andrew Marr article in the Guardian recounting his experience trying out the latest ebook readers.

And it was interesting to read even with lots of the normal stuff about the look, feel and even smell of books etc etc and how an ‘ebook’ will never give you quite the same experience blah blah blah.

My small issue with such articles and perhaps a little with the title (and I stress just the title!) of the otherwise interesting comment by Sara is the implication that ebooks are the future of anything very much or even a replacement in the foreseeable future for any current method of delivery. What they are (or hopefully will be) is simply another method of delivering content. And, further, a method that will be the preferred option for consumers in some circumstances.

The reason I would like Steve Jobs (or whoever – although having played around with a few examples over the years it does seem to be an area that Apple’s interface and design talents would be put to good use) is that when I travel every bit of space is precious and the normal two or three books that I may stuff in my bag eats a lot of it and they get heavy etc etc.

Books for plane

I would dearly love a device where I can have a selection of books/articles/whatever in a form that is comfortable to read. Ideally, it would a variant of a device I already own and have to carry around anyway such as my phone/ipod.

But at home on my sofa with Thelonious Monk I’m afraid look; feel; the turn of the page and yes, even the smell win for as far in the future as I can see.


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