Publishing rights and web 2.0

This article raises an interesting point about the position of the sorts of rights agreements entered into by most publishers at some time or another. After a set period of time (looking quickly at a cross section of publishers and the rights information in their Anko Publishing Manager often 5 years). What happens when these rights revert to the author or the original publisher when that content has been used/repurposed/whatever for a blog/Google book search or indeed aggregated on line somewhere else. Does it get pulled? Who is keeping track of that stuff?

I have to say that I’ve looked across about 70 publishers (large and small and from just about every market sector) and their rights agreements and can find only a handful that make any kind of allowance for these kinds of scenarios.

And the article also makes the point that as well as royalties if a publisher is providing content to on line aggregators for free shouldn’t the author get a share of, for example, any associated ad revenue?

Seems stuff that could do with some thinking about. Just hope all the required thought doesn’t stifle the innovation.


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