Why aren’t there more?

Blogs by publishers I mean. No, actually that isn’t what I mean. What I mean is – ‘Why aren’t there more blogs by publishers that any one cares about?’.

As this entry over at the very excellent Book Depository illustrates there are literally just a few in the UK which are worth a look. I would add a few more such as Scott Pack’s over at the Friday Project but considering the number of publishers out there – isn’t it just a bit poor?

A blog after all can be a great way to convey the ethos of a publisher. A fantastic route to engage with the potential reader.

Consumers (and I would suggest book buyers in particular) want to feel that they are buying from real people and not just a faceless corporation. A good blog is an excellent way for a publisher to convey passion for their list and transmit this passion to consumers.

And in my experience people who buy books are genuinely interested in the process and the thinking in and around publishing so why not serve that need?

To be blunt in terms of costs/time etc. surely there can be few better/more cost effective ways of connecting with the book buyer.

So, make your blog more than a crap reproduction of your catalogue; let your market have a glimpse into your thinking; and let them know you share the same goals (i.e to make sure that great books are out there for us all to enjoy).


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