Common themes and university presses

Sat on a very interesting panel which I will write about more fully later. Essentially we were speaking on some options and the associated pitfalls/advantages of buying in a solution or doing it yourself.

This is of course the conference for university presses but to be blunt the issues are applicable to just about any publisher. Myself and my fellow panelists had a great many common threads. Just a selection:

1) The amount of time estimated to build a press wide database is always catastrophically underestimated.

2) Building it your self always seems like a good idea to start with but pretty much always turns a into a disaster.

3) Buying an existing solution is almost always a more sensible option.

4) Everyone is always shocked about how long and what a pain it is to sort out their data.

5) Every press thinks their requirements are different but they rarely are.

Just a bit of a random selection but will add a bit more detail and order later.


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