The same Onix issues

 Industrial Press

Spent part of the day yesterday at Industrial Press here in Manhattan. They have been a client for a good few years and are getting to grips with their title information as they now have a requirement to send Onix to their trading partners. A lot of the same issues came up about how difficult it is to (in a matter of a few weeks) deal with decades of title information and just how confusing the advice is from the trading partners such as Barnes & Noble et al.

Surely, it is in the interests of the recipients of Onix files to try and make their requirements as clear and consistent as possible. A relatively simple task you would have thought ?

Also, and this is a fairly consistent complaint that I hear – it would great if some of these trading partners could reply to queries in a more timely manner with many of the emails that get forwarded to me having taken anything up to a couple of months to recieve a reply.


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