The Apple ultra portable

As much as I would like an iphone the Apple product I am most hanging out for is the rumoured 10 to 12″ Mac Book Pro.

I travel with a 12″ Powerbook and will do until Apple replace it. I had a 15″ Powerbook for a while and it was very nice and everything but when it came to the things that matter when traveling the 12″ version had it beat. It has the best form factor; weighs appreciably less; you can use it on even the most cramped plane and I get passing 4 hours or so from each of my two batteries.

And, I am not alone I meet people in airport bars; by the gate etc who say they will keep theirs going with sticking tape if they have to. This is evidenced by the very strong second hand prices for the 12″ Powerbook – in some cases you could walk into the Apple Store and buy a new Macbook for much the same money.

It is a long way from the fastest machine in the world but for me that is not so important. I have brand new beast of a mac for all the heavy lifting. On the road my machine needs to download email; browse the web; serve as music/film provider on long journeys and run presentations. All of which it still does more than adequately.

Anyway, in the midst of all the hoopla about the iphone the story that I actually picked out as of most interest was Samsung starting to produce 1.8 inch 64 gb flash drives. Hopefully bringing a flash based; led screen ultra portable Mac Book Pro just that little bit nearer.

In the meantime my constant companion will just have to press on for a little longer.

My Powerbook


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