Sadly all too common airline crap

Great video on youtube from a guy detailing 7 hours stuck on the tarmac at JFK waiting to take off for Dallas. All big corporates (not just airlines) must hate the ease with which you can now record/document in real time your experiences and shove them up for the world to see.

On the whole I have been very lucky with airport/airline experiences – no real disasters just a lot of aggravations. But, there was one time when I was stuck on the tarmac at Washington Dulles on my way to Miami when they rolled us off from the gate and then just held us on the tarmac for a couple of hours. The reason was because of thunder and the edge of a hurricane coming up from the south – presumably something they well knew about way before we set foot on the plane – anyway there was some problem that meant they had to switch off the air conditioning and although it was spanking down with rain the humidity was just incredible. Not great with screaming kids and a packed plane.

Later, I learnt it was something to do with their take off stats that they have to push off from the gates. But the thing that got to us was the same as the guy in this video – simply the degree to which the airline was prepared to so obviously bullshit us. Nobody likes to be treated like an idiot especially when they are paying for the privilege.

Anyway, this guy was far more patient than I would have been. Especially, like the bit where they say the captain is the terminal when he was clearly still in Newark. Oh, and its alright for the crew to leave the plane but fuck the passengers stuck with no food etc for 7 hours. And, I don’t even want to know what the bathrooms were like on a static plane full of kids after 7 hours.


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