A long ass day

Whenever I get asked why we have so many publishers from just about every size; market sector and geographical location. I pretty much always answer ‘because we go’. And by that I mean that unlike our competitors we will speak to anyone and go anywhere. We don’t change our tone or our approach based on someone’s turnover. As far as we are concerned there is always something to be learned (regardless or not whether a publisher picks us to go with) from speaking to publishers which will better inform both our product and the service we give.

Anyway, what this does mean is sometimes some long tiring days which to be blunt I am probably a little bit too old for if truth be told.

One such day was the Friday just gone when had to get up early to catch the 7.15 am bus from Dingle to Tralee. The bus will be home for the next five hours or so!
Dingle harbour

Dingle bus stop

Then from Tralee bus station I have to catch the bus to Cork.

Tralee bus station

Cork bus

From Cork bus station I then get a cab to Douglas Village in Cork to go and see Mercier Press which is above and behind the Paddy Powers.

Mercier Press

I then grab some lunch in the bar a couple of doors down.

Lunch Douglas Village

I then get a cab to the airport to check in for my flight back to London.

Cork check in

As I have some time to kill before my flight I decamp to the airport bar to grab some wine and to get extorted by BTOpenworld so I can catch up on my email and generally catch up.

Cork airport bar

Arrive at Stanstead at 11.50 pm and pass through security.

Stanstead border

Making it to my hotel around midnight.

Radisson Stanstead


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