UK Onix and Nielsen – part whatever

We have been in the midst of helping one of our medium sized UK publishers step up to the Onix plate. To this end we have been helping them with the feedback they have received from Nielsen Bookdata. The majority of which they found completely incomprehensible.

This ties back to a point I have been repeatedly making over recent times (see here and here oh and even here for example) that the powers that be (BIC; Nielsen et al) if they really want to see widespread adoption of the Onix standard need to get themselves a new approach.

Our medium sized UK publisher has now been told that rather than send Onix they may just fill in some forms and email them along. Flying as far as I understand directly in the face of the e4books project espoused aims of Onix compliance and single points of entry for information such as title information.

If the principal recipient (and sender) of bibliographic information isn’t standing four square behind the standard then what hope for the rest of us?


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