I just want to kill someone with this nonsense

Lots of bad karma for one reason or another from Apple these days. Hundreds of little things annoying me.

The latest is the nonsense of saying I can’t have more than or be authorised on more than five iTunes accounts. Why!!!!! If I have paid for the music and don’t have it on more than the five machine specified – Why can’t I have as many accounts as I like??? I live mostly in one country; my business is based in another; I work mostly in yet another and my family is yet another country (mostly).

Like banks; telecoms etc etc all the advertising about we all live in ‘one world’ and all the systems are in place for it not to matter where we live are quite frankly bollox. Same old thing – DRM just penalises those people who play by the rules and want to do the right thing.

I’m off to find a copy of Bit Torrent.

iTunes nonsense


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