Advances and craziness

Just been doing a little catching up on reading (way, way behind) so hence linking to this late. But a bit of a pet subject/hobby horse is the quite frankly dodgy maths that generally intelligent people indulge in when it comes to the subject of advances. Yes, I know it’s not as simple as straight maths (serialisation; prestige; other rights etc. etc. etc.). But, I see a lot of systems with a lot of advances; author contracts; print estimates; sales forecasts and so on and have seen some scary stuff.

Anyway, one of my favourite publishing blogs (Joe Wikert’s 2020 – which always has a great mix of comment; links and insight (and he writes well – always entertaining and clear – anyway, enough of that go check it out yourself!) had this article a couple of weeks ago (said I was behind! – It has been the London Book Fair for crying out loud!) about advances.

Post I made earlier making similar point about the maths just not working for so many of these deals.


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