MacBook Pro screens

I know that there has been a lot of quite frankly nonsense talked about the fact that the 15″ MacBook Pros only now come in glossy screens. I don’t do high end graphic work/photo retouching so can’t comment on what (if any) effect the glossy screen has. And to be blunt I strongly suspect many of the people who whinge about it on various blogs don’t either or for that matter even own one of the machines.

On the whole I have to say I love the screen. Colours pop and it is a pleasure to work with; watch movies on etc etc.

My issue with it as someone who does have to travel around a great deal is the effect is has on battery life. Not in general use but when there is strong light you have to have the brightness up so high just to be able to work that it just devours the battery. And for me as someone for whom my machine is very much my constant companion; contains my life and the tool which enables me to earn my living that is an almost constant concern. I am that man sat at the table in the bar at Edinburgh station or Arlanda Airport with the cable snaking out of his bag into the nearest powerpoint (little tip: if a space has to be vacuumed then there is an electrical point there somewhere – you just have to find it).

This is a shot of me just attempting to write a post for this very blog whilst having my morning coffee:

MacBook Pro Screen Reflecting

Now that is a problem as I am quite commonly in brightly lit rooms and as the summer approaches in Sweden I tend to work almost exclusively outside or at cafe tables around the city.

And the screen is also a magnet for any dust floating around which again means that you have to set the brightness artificially high just to work. I know why they give you that little black dust cloth when you buy the thing now:

MacBook Pro Screen Dusty

Does any of this mean that I would buy another computer? No, of course not. Like anything it’s a balance and the quality of the screen for 90% of the time that I am using the machine more than makes up a drained battery occasionally.

I suppose what I’m badly saying is so much of what you read and a little of what you hear is just nonsense. If it bothers you don’t buy it and if you’re not ever likely to buy it and you’re one of those people who endlessly comment on blog posts about how it is all so terrible and how could Apple do this (etc etc etc) then seriously just get out more.


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