Books by Their Covers

One of my very favourite websites – which on occasion loses me way too much time is Book By Its Cover. The person who publishes the site finds such great books with even greater covers and it is just done so well. Anyway, some of the covers I like from the books on my own shelves.


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The greatness of Folkstreams

If you don’t know about it and love great film making that gives you a glimpse into other worlds; experiences; cultures and people then you really should know about the Folk Streams website.

My current favourite is ‘Give My Poor Heart Ease: Mississippi Delta Bluesmen‘. The description from the site:

An account of the blues experience through the recollections and performances of B.B. King, Son Thomas, inmates from Parchman prison, a barber from Clarkesdale, a salesman from Beale Street, and others.

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Sweden and coffee

All kinds of things I can say (not too many great) about Swedish bar culture but one aspect of Swedish life can find absolutely no problem with is the ability to get good coffee just about anywhere in Stockholm. For gods sake even the stuff in 7 Eleven is ok.

Never been to a meeting in Stockholm and been offered instant coffee! They just wouldn’t dream of it. Can’t say the same for even some of the posher UK publishers.

Anyway, came across this great Flickr feed which unites two things I love – Stockholm and coffee. It is a chronological coffee diary and is just fabulous. My personal favourite is this one of a Stig Lindberg cup and a very typical view from a central Stockholm apartment.

Stig Lindberg cup

Flick feed

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Wherever you need to be


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The ever remarkable Ana Ventura

I was very lucky to get a perfect Ana Ventura print for my birthday, so thought would share. If you would like to learn more about the fantastic Ana then you may do so here.

My birthday print

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Perpetual copyright?

This is an interesting Wiki on the question and I would recommend to anyone interested in copyright and it’s place in our society.

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Thought would share

Got these lovely flowers from the remarkable Sara. Thought would share:

Flowers from Sara

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‘That goal’ if you haven’t seen it already

That breathtaking Messi goal in split screen with the Maradona ‘original’ with an understandably very excited commentator:

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Books as things you can love

Occasionally on this blog I perhaps get too sidetracked by the myriad ways traditional book content may now be delivered in electronic form. Forgetting, of course that just because you can doesn’t always mean that you should. And, that as often as not the traditional book is both the best method of delivering content as well having characteristics which enable them to be so so so much more than any image on a screen may ever be. From the way the paper takes the ink to just the way they can feel in your hand. A book has just so many more senses to potentially exploit.

See my earlier post for more on the book as a thing in itself.

Anyway, the point of this post is to point you in the direction of a site you can (and I have)  just lose yourself in for many an hour. The site is simply a collection of images of book covers/insides. Many of them are just amazing and the ‘curator’ of the site clearly knows her stuff and so the entries may not always be technically beautiful/great art etc etc  but they are always interesting. And I even like the name – Book By Its Cover.

Big Box

Taking a Line

Moving In


I was pointed in the direction of the site by the ever fabulous Rare Autumn.  Who as always writes far more eloquently than I ever could so go there for more detail better expressed.

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The remarkable Anita Elgerot exhibiting again

Room to Be

If you would like to see some of her always inspiring work and you are in Stockholm for the week commencing this Saturday (21st April) until the 4th of May then you should really get along to Galleri Riddaren Köpmanbrinken 8, Stockholm.

If you would like to see and learn more then visit Anita’s website.

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