And I even like the cover …

Been enjoying very much the first single from the Scarlett Johansson upcoming record of Tom Waits covers (though think there is one composition of her own on the end).

There is track by track on the Uncut site if you want to learn more (via Rare Autumn). Not sure why Gawker feel need to be such twats about it but guess that is their job – still lazy; ignorant nonsense is I guess their stock in trade. Anyway, single bodes well for the album and features nice cameo from David Bowie in the background.

And some of the various bits of artwork for the album seen around the web look fantastic as indeed does the cover of the single itself.


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Keith and surely told a million times etc.

Sure Keith must have told these stories a zillion times but this is probably one of the better interviews (that I’ve come across anyway) in recent times.

Life doesn’t get any easier as you get older. It just becomes more complex. At the same time, one starts to discern certain threads which are important to follow.

As someone perched on the edge of getting married and certainly getting older. I’ll go with that.

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The marvel of Okkervil River

One of my favourite bands of recent times and a band I can’t recommend highly enough have a great free collection of tracks for free download on their official site. Well worth grabbing.

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If you buy one disc this month

Then cannot recommend highly enough Robert Glasper’s ‘In My Element‘. Compelling; transporting; engrossing music for anyone. I know he is trotted out anytime the question of the health of contemporary jazz is raised but that to be blunt is beside the point. Go buy it.

In My Element

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The remarkable Manu Chao

Great article in the Observer yesterday for anyone interested in the remarkable music and times of Manu Chao. Now there is a guy who walks it like he talks it.

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The greatness of Folkstreams

If you don’t know about it and love great film making that gives you a glimpse into other worlds; experiences; cultures and people then you really should know about the Folk Streams website.

My current favourite is ‘Give My Poor Heart Ease: Mississippi Delta Bluesmen‘. The description from the site:

An account of the blues experience through the recollections and performances of B.B. King, Son Thomas, inmates from Parchman prison, a barber from Clarkesdale, a salesman from Beale Street, and others.

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Shaun – King of Mancland

Just catching up with my clippings – so apologise for how late coming to some of this stuff. Anyway, got sent this great interview with Shaun Ryder from back in February. This is the link to the article in the Guardian.

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Old media bumps into Web 2.0

Was interested (particulary as a user) in the acquisition by CBS of last.fm hopefully this will mean only good things going forward. But, the track record of more traditional media companies buying such companies isn’t great so we will just have to see. You may read little more about it here.


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Lily bloody Allen and iTunes

Just one of those people who for some reason pisses me off. Made an average record and dresses like a couple of hundred of thousand other women wandering the streets of London – ‘style icon’ my arse.

Anyway, read this article in the Wall Street Journal about how she feels bullied by Apple into providing exclusive content in order to get on the front page of the iTunes store. As far as I understand it in traditional music retailing access to the best points in store are available (as indeed in bookstores) in return for straight cash.

The iTunes store is (again as far as I understand it) based on editorial judgement (and at least in the Swedish store this seems relatively sound) in respect of what’s interesting/new etc. coupled with additional exclusive content provided by the artist. Surely, a better approach for the consumer?

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Prince 4 Scotty

For some reason been talking about Prince a lot recently with a few people. Maybe we’re all pining for the days when the Purple One was the most consistently interesting musician around and certainly the most prolific.

Anyway, have stuck this set up for my friend Scotty who knows far more about Prince than I do. This is (I think) from the soundboard (judging by the excellent quality) is from the rehearsals for the Lovesexy tour back in 1988.

You can download here (sorry you missed it link now removed) and I will leave up for a day or two as usual.

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