Frankfurt Book Fair 2009

It is again approaching that time of the year where we start heading into Frankfurt Book Fair. So, if you would like to set up some time to meet and review our publishing software in person then drop us a line at hello@onixcentral.com and we can organise for you. In the alternative we will be at stand A937 in Hall 8 for the duration so just try and catch us.

If in the meantime, you would like to learn more about Onix Central and our software for managing the title information and the publishing process the visit the website at Onix Central.Com.


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A little on Onix Central

If you have a requirement to become Onix compliant and you need a database that won't break the bank, or if you need your website to be fed from your Onix feed, or if you just really wish that the same file you send to Bowker could generate your catalogue... then this is where you need to be.

My colleague Emma has written a post over on the Snowbooks blog on our new Onix Central project. So, if you’re interested in making more of your title information for feeding your website; creating catalogues etc etc. then go have a look and we also have a lot of free stuff to help you do a lot of these things for your self.

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Bookexpo America

Will be around at BookExpo America in Los Angeles at the end of the month if anyone wants some time there then just drop me a line and we can organise.

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Reading less but writing more

Post in NY Times about a report recently published about Americans reading less but with advent of POD services etc considering writing more.

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Happy to be working with the United Nations

Looking forward to working with the Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations in Rome in the coming weeks.

Publications are central to FAO’s work as a knowledge organization. More than 300 titles per year are published — usually in multiple language versions — on topics such as hunger and food security, commodity markets, climate change, nutrition, fisheries, forests, rural livelihoods and much more.

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Happy to be working with O’Brien Press

Pleased to be working with the O’Brien Press in Dublin in the next few weeks. A little about them:

The O’Brien Press is Ireland’s leading general publisher of both adult and children’s books. Our list covers a huge range, including biography, humour, photography, history, art, fiction, politics, cookery, sport, music, memoir, true crime and travel and we are constantly expanding into new and exciting areas.

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Books by Their Covers

One of my very favourite websites – which on occasion loses me way too much time is Book By Its Cover. The person who publishes the site finds such great books with even greater covers and it is just done so well. Anyway, some of the covers I like from the books on my own shelves.

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Happy to be working with Cabi Publishing

CabiVery happy to be working with Cabi just outside Oxford in the UK in the next few weeks.

‘… publishers of renowned scientific information, including CAB Abstracts, our world-leading bibliographic database, multimedia compendia, books and internet resources. Our subject areas include agriculture, animal and veterinary science, environmental sciences, human health, food and nutrition, leisure and tourism, microbiology and parasitology, and plant sciences.

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Advances and craziness

Just been doing a little catching up on reading (way, way behind) so hence linking to this late. But a bit of a pet subject/hobby horse is the quite frankly dodgy maths that generally intelligent people indulge in when it comes to the subject of advances. Yes, I know it’s not as simple as straight maths (serialisation; prestige; other rights etc. etc. etc.). But, I see a lot of systems with a lot of advances; author contracts; print estimates; sales forecasts and so on and have seen some scary stuff.

Anyway, one of my favourite publishing blogs (Joe Wikert’s 2020 – which always has a great mix of comment; links and insight (and he writes well – always entertaining and clear – anyway, enough of that go check it out yourself!) had this article a couple of weeks ago (said I was behind! – It has been the London Book Fair for crying out loud!) about advances.

Post I made earlier making similar point about the maths just not working for so many of these deals.

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New Onix Code list issued

Onix Code List 8 is available for download from the Editeur website. I haven’t had a chance to look through the change list in any detail yet so will save any comments for the next day or so.

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