Coffee in Stockholm

Feel very fortunate to be in Stockholm at this time as year as the days start to get longer and longer as we head towards towards midsummer. Coffee is never quite the same for me anywhere else or indeed at any other time of the year.


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Back to Stockholm

Via a bit of a flight returned to Stockholm post the London Book Fair. And the weather has been glorious this weekend. Had almost forgot just what a remarkable place Stockholm is. Sorry for quality of image (rubbish camera phone) but that almost anywhere in the bulk of Stockholm you are never many minutes away from really being able to ‘get away from it all’. One of many reasons Stockholm will always stay with me.

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My favourite Stockholm bookshop

The fabulous New York Stories has got a new website which you can check out here. Previous posts can be read here; here or indeed here.

Closing Up at New York Stories

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Bill Murray seized in Stockholm golf cart caper

No really! Apparently Bill Murray has been arrested whilst driving around Stockholm in a golf cart whilst allegedly under the influence – Anyway, read about it here.

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Sweden and coffee

All kinds of things I can say (not too many great) about Swedish bar culture but one aspect of Swedish life can find absolutely no problem with is the ability to get good coffee just about anywhere in Stockholm. For gods sake even the stuff in 7 Eleven is ok.

Never been to a meeting in Stockholm and been offered instant coffee! They just wouldn’t dream of it. Can’t say the same for even some of the posher UK publishers.

Anyway, came across this great Flickr feed which unites two things I love – Stockholm and coffee. It is a chronological coffee diary and is just fabulous. My personal favourite is this one of a Stig Lindberg cup and a very typical view from a central Stockholm apartment.

Stig Lindberg cup

Flick feed

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Even just this far north is special

Coming to that time of the year where even as far south as Stockholm the sun is down for just a few short hours. This is the Stockholm sky at midnight tonight. By about 3.30 am it will be daylight again.

Midnight sky

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Wherever you need to be


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If you’re coming to Stockholm

I’ve lived on and off in Stockholm for a couple of years or so now and quite frankly I’ve little or no idea of where you’re supposed to go. But if you are coming this summer (and quite frankly there are few better places on earth during those months) this is a really good quick guide to some places you may think about going.

Only quibble being she could have credited my picture of String lifted from this very blog!

String Cafe

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I love the spring …

Plum tree awakes


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Surely Larsson must have some regrets …

Watched the Utd v Milan game last night and was (like most everyone) else completely enthralled. Semi Final of the Champions league; Rooney/Kaka/Ronaldo in full effect; 76,000 in a press cooker Old Trafford surely Henrik Larsson must regret just a little his decision to return to Helsingborg. I went to the Djurgården v Helsingborg game at the weekend at the Stadion in Stockholm and it was a great game but not in any sense of the phrase in the same ball park as last nights Utd v Milan encounter. And yes, Larsson looked good with some great movement etc etc but on his own not really much use without any real quality around him.

Anyway, couple of shots:

Teams lining up

The score

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